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A night with Google …

29 May 2013

After a pleasant evening with our online marketing partner, Reach Local Melbourne, we met with Michael Salmon, Strategic Partnerships at Google, for an insight into what was on the horizon for the world’s biggest search engine company.

Michael presented some valuable data backed by market research from leading research company Nielsen. The compelling results highlighted the obvious consumer trends when it comes to online searches and illustrated what you, as a business owner, need for your website to stay ahead of the game.

On the night, Michael spoke about Google’s infatuation with delivering the most relevant search results. “Only a few years ago Google was revolutionising how this was done with location based results — now Google is once again revolutionising relevance by considering the time of search as well as travel direction.”

For example:

  • If you searched for PIZZA at 11:30 AM from our office in East Melbourne, you would get local restaurants serving a lunch menu.
  • If you searched for PIZZA at 6.00 PM from our office in East Melbourne, you would get local shops that provide home delivery.
  • If you searched for PIZZA at 6.00 PM in East Melbourne while walking to Smith Street in Collingwood, you would get restaurants in Smith Street, Collingwood to dine in.

Pretty amazing isn’t it?

What’s alarming though is that most website owners — over 70% in fact — are failing to take advantage of this by not optimising their websites for mobile devices like smartphones and iPads. Furthermore, 77% of mobile searches are performed even when a computer or laptop is handy. Why is that? Well the answer is clear: convenience and speed — and it is for that reason that if your customers are having to pinch, double tap or flip to navigate your site, you’re losing business.

We have the Nielsen report handy with over 40 pages of valuable data to help your business grow — call us today to find out more: 9419 2288.