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Magento website development in Melbourne

20 Aug 2014

We are pleased to announce the successful launch of two Magento websites for our clients: Davey Water Products and The Secret Room.

The Davey website is used as a powerful product catalogue tool. Consumers and dealers alike are able to navigate the website and;

  • search products,
  • read technical data,
  • watch videos,
  • locate and contact their nearest dealers.

Magento’s flexibility allowed us to customise all aspects of this website — including design and functionality. Responsiveness was key in providing a solution for the ever-growing number of people who browse the web on their iPhone or iPad. Various functions were also fine tuned to help create a seamless user experience site-wide.

It has only been online for a few weeks and reports are already showing a massive improvement from the previous site. Given its newly acquired SEO (what is SEO?), visitors have more than quadrupled. Significant to these results was our ability to provide a tailored hosting solution, designed to cater for the demands that are synonymous with a Magento built website.

The Secret Room is a new online furniture and home store, with an emphasis on cool and beautiful designer products. This Magento online store is a busy destination for anyone wanting something different. With over 2000 products — most of which are enjoying some coveted real estate on the first page of Google – this online store is enjoying profitable growth. The website traffic is now booming, which is a testament to our SEO and hosting services.

If you require any help with the Magento eCommerce software, we are your local Melbourne-based Magento specialist.

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